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    Remote sensing belongs to the most important methods of obtaining information on archaeological sites and historical monuments. In the archaeological archives of Moravian and Silesian institutions, the thousands of aerial photographs and related technical data were accumulated during the last two decades but their standardized evaluation and digital deposition have not been implemented. The project aims to preserve the archive for the future (partial aim 1), to standardize methods of collection and processing of remote sensing data (2), to analyse the contents of aerial images (3), to review the selected sites in the field (4) and to make the archive available to experts and general public (5). Software applications of the Archaeological Information System of the Czech Republic (AIS CR) will be used for processing of aerial photographs (AIS CR is becoming a unified platform for the management of archaeological data in the CR). The results of the project will be presented to the public via the exhibition at the Moravian Museum and via a web application. The results of the project will simplify access to archaeological aerial images and it will provide data for revision of the monuments on the basis of retrospective images collection, leading to the understanding of their changes. The results of the project will be incorporated into the Information System on Archaeological Data and provided to the state and public administration to the efficient conservation of culture heritage. In the project participate most of the institutions significantly involved in the aerial survey in Moravia and Silesia. Institute of Archaeology of the Czech Academy of Sciences, Prague, ensures the implementation of AIS CR tools and trains team members in its use. The project is a comprehensive proposal for the conservation, analysis and public sharing of the most of specialized archaeological remote sensing data, which are irreplaceable and constitutional part of the cultural heritage.